Proof of BUIDL Protocol

The Verifiable Reputation Protocol for Web3 BUIDL through Decentralized Workflows

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Reputation systems

Cornerstone of Web3 BUIDL

  • Reputation of an entity (a person, a social group, an organization, or a place) is typically evaluated on a set of criteria, e.g common behavior, performance, etc, from peers, third-party, and aggregated to estimate that of value.
  • Reputation and its evaluation systems are the cornerstone of web3 BUIDL, helping recognize and incentivize participants' contributions, which is crucial to the growth and sustainability of any web3 project.
  • Examples: points, levels, title, badges, certificates, social token.


There are some critical shortcomings exists in current reputation systems

  • Record

    arbitrary & inaccurate, data siloed & scattered
  • Proof

    hard to verify & authenticate, resulting in low credibility
  • Achievement

    easy to be falsified, modified and removed by third parties
  • Tokenization

    hard to solve the paradox of reputation tokens

Protocol features

  • Self-sovereign

    We return the ownership and utilities of verifiable reputation data back to users. Only users should have autonomy over how, where, and for what their data is used.
  • Blockchain agnostic

    Our protocol is designed to be open. Not tied to any single blockchain, the protocol is created for a multi-blockchain ecosystem.
  • Portable

    Interoperability is key to a truly open web. We empower everyone to travel between apps with their own verifiable reputation as part of their Web3 identity.
  • Composable

    Tap into verifiable reputation data with one click. Build upon it with agility for quick iterations. Fast forward bootstrapping. Build experiences not walls.